Update 0.9.4: Release Notes

The new line of European destroyers is now available for all players to research.

  • Features of the new Tech Tree branch
  • Long-range, high-speed torpedoes that deal relatively small damage. They can be set to fan out in two spreads: narrow and super-narrow spread.
  • Ships of Tier VII and higher are equipped with rapid-firing main battery guns that are effective at short ranges.
  • Good AA defenses with a solid reach.
  • Destroyers from Tier VIII and above are equipped with the Defensive AA Fire consumable.
  • Lack of the Smoke Generator is compensated for by decent concealment.
  • Destroyers of Tier V and above have the Repair Party consumable at their disposal.


The new game event is presided over by the new "Strong-Willed" temporary Campaign.

The Campaign comprises five missions, the first of which will become available with the release of Update 0.9.3. Access to the subsequent missions will be unlocked each week.

Please note: you can complete the tasks of each mission multiple times. This will allow you to continue earning Stars with each completion, but you'll only receive the reward after completing the task for the first time.

The Campaign will be available for 6 months.


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